Wednesday, July 30, 2014

PSA: Chalkboard Markers -- Beware!

Chalkboard markers....they sound like a great thing....easy to use, looks great with sharp, crisp writing, and erases.....or so one might think.  During a quick trip to JoAnn the other day I picked up a couple Bistro Chalk Markers.  I was extremely careful to read the packaging to make sure I didn't accidentally pick up a marker not meant for chalkboards, for fear that whatever was written might end up being permanent.

It states "chalkboard and lightboard marker" on the pens.  Am I missing something??

I used the white on our chalkboard menu and the green on a cute little easel I was hoping to share with you today.  I used it the other day for a little birthday gathering.  Unfortunately this morning when I tried to erase it to write a little note to Hubby -- nothing.  Not. One. Smear.  Sadly, I've googled and read several accounts of similar issues.  I've tried hot, soapy water, Windex, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and a magic eraser.  It's still holding strong.  (Anyone have any other brilliant suggestions???)

I quickly rushed over to the menu board and was very grateful it erased with the ammonia mixture.  I'm a little nervous to use the markers again though, for fear next time I won't be so lucky.  So before you snag some for your own chalkboard creations, I just wanted to give you a little heads up.  Good Luck!

Happy Creating!

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