Monday, July 14, 2014

Caplinger's Fresh Catch [Lobsta Rolls]

Over the last couple weeks, Caplinger's Fresh Catch kept popping up on my Facebook feed.  Finally, when three friends posted something about it in one day, I knew I had to try it sooner rather than later, and Hubby's B-day Picnic was the perfect opportunity.



I stopped into Caplinger's on Friday around 4 and they were hopping! The place was full of customers both ordering fresh fish to take home to cook, and those ordering food made in-house. There is a limited seating both inside and outside, but at this time of day it seemed most orders were to go. The cases were stocked with a wide variety of fresh fish, some dips and soups, spices and mixes to use to make yours at home, and some delicious looking pies.



I ordered two Lobsta Rolls.  They were quite yummy, featuring large chunks of lobster and a light sauce to bind together.  Their Po Boys caught my eye, and seemed to be ordered frequently during my short time there, so that just might be what we try next.

The gentleman who took my order mentioned that I can always call my order in ahead of time.  But, quite frankly, I didn't mind the short wait one bit.  It was clear this is a local establishment with loyal customers who visit frequently, which made for a great environment.  I can't tell you if I will order ahead next time, or just stop in, but I can tell you that they can add me to their list of customers!

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