Friday, December 30, 2016

Five on Friday [Last of 2016]

Happy Friday!  Now, I know I've been a little MIA, but purposefully chose to enjoy the little things of the Christmas season and, for me, that meant a little time away.  I'm back though with a renewed focus (better phrase than resolution??) and an intent to post more frequently.  So, with that, let's get down to this week's five:

While you're celebrating with champs this weekend don't forget to save the corks for sweet little ornaments.  I save them from special events throughout the year.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

White Hot Chocolate

We've recently discovered a new sweet little treat in our hive.  It's so very yummy and completely different from it's milk or dark chocolate version.  This can hardly be called a recipe, but I just had to share it with you.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Just popping in to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  What a difference a year makes....this day last year I was sitting by my Hubby's bedside of the ICU praying.  This year I'm thanking God for answered prayers. 

I'm so very grateful for the doctors and nurses of IU Health, who not only took such incredible care of him (and me, too, to be honest) but quite literally saved his life.  I'm grateful for my family and sweet friends who were there every step of the way and made it so that all I truly had to focus on was Hubby.  I'm grateful for the endless prayers.  I'm grateful for my work, who understood the importance of priorities.  I'm grateful for my Hubby, who fought his way back to health and me. 

While this doesn't even begin to touch on the depths of my gratitude, I'm overwhelmed trying to put it into words.  How does one truly and sufficiently thank those who have changed your life?

I'm wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving and all the best in the upcoming Holiday Season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Thanksgiving Cooking

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and while I can hardly believe it, it will be here before we know it.  Today I''m rounding up a couple things to make the cooking easier (I'm a big believer in "one will love to cook if one has the right tools") and your tabletop just a bit more festive.

OXO Good Grips Fat Separator
Perfect for making the tastiest gravy now and for to die for stock for your winter soups later.  It gets outstanding reviews, and is the best one I've used to date.

Turkey Lifters
Managing the bird isn't always easy.  My dad has a pair of these and while he was unsure of the whole concept at first, they're pretty nice.  Bonus: these are on sale!

Emile Henry Pie Dish
I received one as a wedding gift and have loved it ever since.  It truly does bake the beautifully and is pretty enough to go straight to the table.  Tip: Martha Stewart's deep dish pate brisee recipe works the best!  This is the best price I've seen on them, and  you can use your trusty coupon from the store!

Woodland Spode
I've always loved the Woodland Spode.  So lovely.

Thankful Platter
And finally, a sweet little reminder of what the day is truly all about.

I'd love to hear your must haves for Thanksgiving  What's your favorite dish?  For me it's all about the sides and the persimmon pudding.  Wishing you and yous an incredible upcoming holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Five [11.11.16]

Happy Friday!  What a week this has been.  Let's just get right to this week's five:

First things first today I'm honoring all veterans who have fought for my freedom.  Words simply can't express the depth of gratitude I feel for the men and women who put their lives on the line for our country.
Image result for honoring veterans day 

I shared my thoughts of gratitude on my right to vote this week.  Now, if we could just all remember to treat each other with love and respect...the amount of hate being spewed by both sides this week has me so disheartened.  I just keep thinking of all the children watching how things are being handled.

On to happy news --- I'm dying to bring in some Christmas cheer.  We decorate our little hive the day after Thanksgiving and while I'm anxious to get things moving, I don't have the heart to stray from that tradition.  SO, instead I'm planning and shopping for some new little happies.  I shared my favorite advent calendar finds earlier this week.  This one is certainly at the top of the list.  Love the little stockings which could hold all kinds of little surprises.

However, I've since found this one on sale at Pottery Barn Kids....and it's on sale!!! The plaid and monogram has me swooning!

 This came across my IG feed yesterday.  Such a good reminder to grant ourselves grace when needed.

Friends, sorry, but I just don't have a #5 this week.  I know it's only an hour, but Daylight Savings Time is killing me.  

Wishing y'all a wonderful weekend!  
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Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

#Grateful [to be an American]

Although this election has left me feeling a little slimy and is the first time in the history of my voting (and believe me when I say I vote every. single. time. I can - even for the "little" ones) a little less enthused to vote, I left my polling site feeling grateful this morning.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sip and Shop Sunday [Advent Calendars]

Happy Sunday!  It's almost time to break out the Christmas decorations.  Eeek!  I'm so very excited this year!  Although I'm still enjoying pumpkin lattes I'll soon be sipping the eggnog version....

Eggnog Latte:

....and shopping advent calendars.  We've done all kinds of countdowns in this hive, but I this year I'm looking to add a new little something,  These are what have caught my eye so far:

Primitives at Nordstrom
 Something about the simplicity of this one is calling my name.
Pottery Barn Stocking Tree
 This would be perfect to include a little special treat for each day, but will look cute empty! (Although I might be hoping it goes on sale at some point this season....)  Full disclosure: I do think I'd number it the other direction....maybe.

North Pole Trading Co.
How cute would this be in a child's room?

How does your family countdown?  Do you have any special traditions?  Would love to hear what you do in your family!  

Happy Eggnog Sipping and 
Christmas Shopping!
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Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Five [11.4.16]

Happy Friday!  How can it possibly be November already???  So very excited for the upcoming holidays.  Without further ado, here are this week's five:

Work wife HN snapped this beautiful picture of our school's playground this week.  The leaves right now are truly doesn't hurt that the temps were in the upper 70s this week.  Again, how is it November??

Speaking of gorgeous weather, Hubby and I have enjoyed a couple drives around town in his BFF's Mustang convertible.  Sure ADR, Hubby will give it some love while you're away ;).

Although I decided to go carb free this week (what was I thinking starting on Halloween???) one of the kiddos suggested Reese's white ghosts for our trick-or-treaters.  Have y'all tried them??  You need to scoop some up before they go away.  They are divine.

The other item we enjoyed on Sunday before this venture began were Greek fries.  Potatoes are my huge downfall....pair them with feta and my heart sings.

Finally, but not least, CUBS WIN!!!  Being so close to Chicago, I've had the privilege of attending many a games at Wrigley Field and am so excited the curse is finally broken!  It was such an incredible game, too.  Certainly not short on the drama.  #GoCubsGo #FlytheW.
Wishing y'all a wonderful weekend!  
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Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Oakwood Resort, Lake Wawasee

Bestie KP and I desperately needed a little getaway and over Fall Break took a quick trip up to Lake Wawasee in Northern Indiana.  It was absolute perfection and just what the doctor ordered.  Although we only stayed one night, we felt relaxed and rejuvenated when we left.

Lake Wawasee is located in Northern Indiana and is our state's largest natural lake.  The resort is situated directly on the lake and our room had the loveliest view. 

Bestie KP and I booked the Girlfriend Getaway package, which included a bottle of wine, box of chocolates, a bag of bath goodies, a pedicure for each of us, and a special room rate.  We also added the spa package which included an hour-long massage and $50 towards lunch and dinner.  We both agreed we'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!  (Although I can't take any credit for any of this...Bestie KP did all the work, I just went along for the ride and enjoyed!)

Visiting the resort was kind of like taking a step back in time.  It reminded us of a trip to Kellerman's from Dirty Dancing.  We read by the lake....

...Bestie KP whooped me at giant connect four, we roasted marshmallows for s'mores, played a couple games of tic-tac-toe, enjoyed an adult beverage or three.....
....caught a magnificent rainbow!!!....

....and basked in a spectacular sunrise.

It. was. heavenly.  Although the resort was completely booked, it was perfectly tranquil and quiet.  We never would have guessed that all 77 rooms were occupied.  We're thinking this just might have to become a Fall Break tradition.  Until next time, Oakwood!

Happy Travels!

Monday, October 31, 2016

What's for Dinner [Greek Fries]

Chances are if you've eaten at a Greek restaurant, you've sampled the Greek fries.  Potatoes are my biggest weakness and these are pretty killler.  So good and, in this case, the use of frozen fries makes them easy to whip up quickly.  (Really you're just garnishing and seasoning.)  We enjoyed them with gyros with homemade tzatziki on Oxi Day.  (To learn more about how the Greeks changed the course of WWII click here.)

Greek Fries
  • Thick cut frozen french fries
  • feta cheese, crumbled
  • oregano
  • lemon
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • olive oil
  •  Cook fries according to package directions.
  • Once the fries are cooked drizzle a little olive oil over them.  The Misto works beautifully here!  You don't want to use very much, just a taste. 
  • Squeeze lemon juice on fries.
  • Sprinkle with oregano (don't be stingy) and season with salt and pepper, to taste.
  • Top with feta and toss gently.  
  • Enjoy!
Happy Cooking!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Five on Friday [10.28.16]

Happy Friday!!  I don't really know where the week went, but I'm happy to get on with this week's five:

In case you missed my little PSA yesterday about the Loft sweater sale, their sweaters are on sale for half-off!  I shared my favorites and this one is that the top of my list!

We're down to the last few days to Booooooze your friends. It's so fun to drop off a few things!

 There was a man shot outside of our school this week.  Yep, friends, you read that right, shot. Apparently a chase was occurring and they ended up out front of our school. We immediately went into lock down mode and were safe, but it was still unsettling.

The next day we had an unannounced fire drill.  I was pretty touched that the troublemakers  young men from my lunch duty were concerned when they didn't see me outside and mentioned it to another adult. I was actually there, but considering most of them are taller than me I guess I went unnoticed.  Maybe I am getting through to them :)!!

This year if you get a "Shout Out" in the weekly update at school you get a little surprise in your mailbox.  It may seem silly, but this seriously made my day.

Wishing y'all a terrific weekend!  Today I'm linking up with:

 Happy Friday!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

PSA: Big Sale!

Y'all, have I got a big sale to tell you about today....I know that it's not Sunday, so not the right time for a Sip and Shop, but I can't seem to find when the sale ends, and don't want you to miss out.  Loft is having a huge sale on their in they are $35 or less!!  Most of them are half off and I've rounded up a few of my favorites.

Bell Sleeves
I love the bell sleeves and the's especially pretty in the camel!

Square Striped Pleated Sweater
I LOVE the back of this.  Such a cute and fun surprise.

Dotted Shirttail Sweater
Speaking of cute cute would this be with leggings??

Shirttail Cardigan
 Can you tell I'm planning on living in my leggings this Winter :)....

I had decided I was finished updating the closet for the upcoming seasons, but now I"m just not so sure that a couple of these won't be arriving at my doorstep soon.....

Happy Shopping! 
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Monday, October 24, 2016

You've Been Boozed [Version 2]

As Halloween is quickly approaching, You've Been Boozed is back, but with a new look. (See the first printable here.)  I again snagged a few Halloween coozies from Target's Dollar Spot (this time including Frankenstein), grabbed a fall six pack, some candy, and've been boozed.

It's so fun to surprise our friends with this fun little, adult version of a Halloween treat.  Please feel free to print your own tags and spread the cheer yourself!

Happy Almost Halloween!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sip and Shop Sunday [Cardigans]

Happy Sunday!  Hope you have enjoyed the weekend!

Today I'm sipping pumpkin hot chocolate from Kara's Party Ideas.....

The best PUMPKIN HOT CHOCOLATE recipe via Kara's Party Ideas Perfect for fall or Christmas!:

....and shopping cardigans.

Yesterday was the first truly chilly morning of the season and as I was headed to a little league football game to watch my kiddos from school I threw on my new cardigan from Nordstrom.  I. am. smitten.  I love it!  So comfortable, so cozy, and yet not too much fabric even though it's so long.  I'm seriously thinking about ordering a few more in different colors.


Nordstrom II
I love the 3/4 sleeves on this one.  I'm always hot at school and this way I won't look like I'm dressed for summer.

I'd love to know what you're sipping and shopping today!  Hope you enjoy the last bit of the weekend!

Happy Sipping and Shopping!

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Five [10.21.16]

Happy Friday!!  We've crammed so much into this week, it feels like it's been two weeks since the last Friday Five post, not just one.  Very excited for a quiet little weekend with the Hubby.  So, right down to it, here are this week's five:

I'm so very proud of my tennis boys.  Although we didn't capture a 4th consecutive state title, we did come in second.  We were a different team this year, with only 2 of 7 returning starters.  I keep trying to remind them that although they might be disappointed, it's still a huge accomplishment.  All of our starters will be returning next year....we'll be back!

This came across my Facebook feed the other night.  I miss Peyton.  Do I really need to say anymore?

I'm kind of Fixer Upper obsessed.  What I wouldn't give for them to come to our little hive and work their magic.  (I'm always trying to convince Hubby to knock down a wall....I've yet to actually succeed, although he does love what they do.)  In the mean time I'll just have to settle for Magnolia Journal.

Image result for magnolia journal

During lunch duty the other day the kiddos asked if I had asked Siri what zero divided by zero is, which I had not.  It led to asking Siri all sorts of things and lots of giggles.  They sure do brighten my day!

Hubby and I have been doing whatever is quick and easy for dinner lately.  This fried rice fits the bill beautifully and it's perfect for stretching leftovers without it feeling like leftovers.

Wishing y'all a terrific weekend!  Today I'm linking up with:

Happy Friday!
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