Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Five [11.4.16]

Happy Friday!  How can it possibly be November already???  So very excited for the upcoming holidays.  Without further ado, here are this week's five:

Work wife HN snapped this beautiful picture of our school's playground this week.  The leaves right now are truly doesn't hurt that the temps were in the upper 70s this week.  Again, how is it November??

Speaking of gorgeous weather, Hubby and I have enjoyed a couple drives around town in his BFF's Mustang convertible.  Sure ADR, Hubby will give it some love while you're away ;).

Although I decided to go carb free this week (what was I thinking starting on Halloween???) one of the kiddos suggested Reese's white ghosts for our trick-or-treaters.  Have y'all tried them??  You need to scoop some up before they go away.  They are divine.

The other item we enjoyed on Sunday before this venture began were Greek fries.  Potatoes are my huge downfall....pair them with feta and my heart sings.

Finally, but not least, CUBS WIN!!!  Being so close to Chicago, I've had the privilege of attending many a games at Wrigley Field and am so excited the curse is finally broken!  It was such an incredible game, too.  Certainly not short on the drama.  #GoCubsGo #FlytheW.
Wishing y'all a wonderful weekend!  
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Happy Friday!


  1. I love potatoes and I love feta but I've never paired the two together. I need to try out that combo asap!

  2. I love the idea of feta and fries! Great idea! gg


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