Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nora Fleming Memo Board

A few year ago we were gifted a Nora Fleming platter along with a few of her darling minis.  I love them, but have been disappointed that we don't have the opportunity to display the seasonal minis more often.  Then I discovered the memo board -- and it was on sale.  It seemed like the perfect solution to showing off the seasonal cuteness.

Currently a busy little bee is perched on the board brightening our happy little hive.

I  can hardly wait for a palm tree vacation countdown....

....birthday and anniversary celebrations.....

Presents Mini

Heart Mini
.....a little fall witchery.....

Witch Hat Mini
.....and of course it wouldn't be Indy without some racing.

Nascar Flag Mini

I'm sure my collection will only continue to grow with each season and celebration.

The memo board can be found on Amazon, but be sure to act fast.  The company is no longer making the item.  (I've been told they discontinue items unexpectedly from time to time, especially the minis, to make room for other adorable items.)

Today I can be found at Cozy Little House 
 Uptown Acorn

Happy Celebrating!

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  1. I stumbled upon her platters, minis and such this past year at our local Von Maur store. Great concept!

    1. I didn't realize Von Maur carries them, too. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!


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