Monday, July 27, 2015

Chinoiserie Inspired Weekly Planner

I'm so bummed to say it, but we're back to school this week.  Staff reports on Thursday and the kiddos arrive next Monday.  So. not. ready.  Between school and tennis, Fall (and I'm using that term liberally considering it's only JULY!) is a crazy time of year in our hive. In an effort to organize things a bit, I whipped up a little weekly printable for the fridge (I have to say it's a huge improvement over last year's notes usually scribbled on the back of an envelope from the junk mail).

I used the Emperor's Garden pattern as the background and added a little box for each day and one for  miscellaneous notes.  I started on Monday instead of Sunday, well, because that's just the way my brain works.  It seems much easier to me to look ahead starting on Monday AND it's like a little countdown to any fun upcoming weekend plans.  The sheet is laminated so that it can be used week after week with a dry erase marker.

Please feel free to print (on legal paper)  and enjoy in your own hives!

Happy Organizing!

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