Monday, August 22, 2016

Mesquite Bean Coffee

While visiting Bestie MHDRL in Big Bend, Texas we embraced the notion of "while in Texas" wholeheartedly and whipped up some mesquite bean coffee.  She had already harvested the mesquite beans before I arrived, so all we had to do was roast and brew.  It was quite yummy and such a unique treat -- definitely not something we find in Hoosierland!

Mesquite Bean Coffee
Ingredients and Supplies:
  • mesquite bean pods
  • baking sheet
  • coffee grinder
  • percolator or coffee maker 
  •  Break bean pods into smaller pieces - approximately a couple inches long.
  • Spread into even layer on baking sheet and roast in 350 degree oven for 30-35 minutes.  Just a little warning - they can get a little smokey.
  • Grind roasted pods in a grinder, just as you would coffee beans.  However, don't expect the consistency to be as fine.  It will still be a bit chunky.
  • Use just as you would use coffee grounds to make your mesquite bean coffee
  • The longer you roast the pods, the darker roast your coffee will be.  (Makes sense, right??)
  • There are natural sugars in the beans which sweeten your coffee.  I typically take my coffee pretty sweet and no added sweetener was needed!
  • While it was quite yummy hot, Bestie MHDRL and I really enjoyed it iced! 
  • Total side note - look at those sweet little hands in the corner of the picture.  We had the greatest little helper break up the beans.  He's the sweetest!!
Happy Sipping!

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