Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sip and Shop Sunday [Cocktails & Christmas Lights]

Sipping on a Grown Up Shirley Temple....

This bubbly, red cocktail is the perfectly festive for the Christmas season.  Serve it in pretty glass or whip up a whole pitcher and throw in some limes.  So fun.

I know y'all are going to think I'm nuts with this shopping edition, but this extension cord is a new addition to our Christmas decor and every time my foot taps the button I smile.  No more leaning over and hanging off the arm of the sofa while squeezing behind the tree and holding my breath that I don't knock it over.  Our tree sits in the corner of the living room and the outlet is situated behind it.  This little extension cord really has made life easier.  I found mine at Target, but here's the Bed, Bath, and Beyond version -- where you can use your coupon!


So, what other little decorating tricks have I been missing all these years??? 

Happy Sipping and Shopping! 
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  1. Agree with the extension cord. We use that one in our oldest's bedroom. The others have remotes. Press of the button, and all set!! The other thing we bought a few years back was a tree funnel. It's a funnel with a long tube that attaches to the tree branches and feeds in the the tree stand. Makes watering the tree a breeze once the skirt is on and presents are underneath.

  2. We have that extension cord too. Most of my lights now are on timers... on and off automatically. xo


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