Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Celebration Continues....

The 50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend continued Saturday evening with a banquet dinner.  It was a beautiful, loving tribute to one of the most generous, giving, and loving people I have the honor of knowing.  The room was filled with nearly 400 people, all wishing to pay tribute to our program's founder, the "Queen of Tennis".

She started the program in her backyard over 50 years ago.  Today, we have 30 courts, 4 QuickStart courts, and a beautiful tennis house.  We are one of the largest public facilities in the country.

We are more than fortunate and it is all thanks to her vision and love of the sport.  She has taught literally thousands of children not only the sport, but also about love.  Much of the evening was spent recounting stories and memories of her and the program.  All of them included her famous "I love you" and each individual recounted how they gained an understanding of much more than just tennis.  I, too, am grateful to have her in my life.

I'm also grateful for the friendships I've gained from my own involvement with the program.  I spent last night with some of my very favorite people and was simply having too much fun to remember to take pictures (something I'm just not good at regardless).  Luckily Bestie KB managed to snap a few.

And I'm including some blasts from the past that were included in the program. 

US Opening Opening Gala, President's Box
US Open, New York City

It was truly a special evening, filled with much love spanning many different generations.
Happy 50th!!

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