Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Needlepoint Valentine Coasters

My sweet mama was an incredibly talented, master needlepointer.  Her pieces really were works of beauty!  I am fortunate enough that she taught me when I was very young.  My projects aren't anything near as lovely as hers, but I enjoy it and think of her as I stitch away.

Although I'm always slowly working on larger, more intricate canvases I love whipping up a little something that is actually complete and finished.  These coasters fit the bill perfectly, as the project can be completed in an afternoon.


  • plastic needlepoint canvas
  • thread of choice (I just raided my stash, choose any colors you like!)
  • needle
  • chart (see below)

I used the ready cut square plastic canvas coasters, trimming one row from the top and one from the right, but you can easily use a sheet of plastic canvas cut to size.  I allowed for 2 rows above and below as well as on each side of the design, making it 25 rows total.  

I'm sure there is probably an easier way to chart canvases now, likely on the computer....but I'm old school.  I grab my pad of graph paper and go to town.  You can either count the stitches as you go, or mark the canvas, which ever is easiest for you.

Stitch away! 

Happy Needlepointing!

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