Wednesday, January 27, 2016

DIY: Easy Chalkboard Art

I've always admired pretty chalkboard art, but although I really do have nice handwriting (and even calligraph wedding invitations at times) I just cannot for the life of me create a pretty chalkboard.  They always look a hot mess....crooked and slanting down to the right.  A former sweet art teacher gave me a little hint a while back and it's simple as can be....and I can't draw a lick.

  • chalkboard (well, obviously)
  • chalk
  • pencil sharpener
  • pencil or pen
  • tape
  • printed design
  • Find or make desired design and print.
  • Cover back side of print with chalk.
  • Position and lightly tape print to chalkboard.
  • Trace design with pen or pencil; be sure to press hard enough that it transfers to chalkboard.
  • Remove paper and retrace with chalk.
  • Remove excess chalk with damp cloth.
  • You can sharpen your chalk with a pencil sharpener to get a sharper point!  
  • Chalkboard markers make a nice, clean design, but I have yet to find a brand that erases and isn't permanent.  Anyone have any suggestions???
Happy Chalkboarding!!

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