Monday, December 8, 2014

Pretty (and Quick) Christmas Appetizer

Sometimes I just don't have enough time to whip up something impressive to take to a dinner or pitch-in, especially during the Christmas season.  Enter in the bazillion jars of pepper jelly I make each summer. 

Pepper Jelly Christmas Tree Appetizer

  • 8 oz block cream cheese
  • 1 jar pepper jelly (you don't have to make yours!!)
  • Yellow Bell Pepper (I only had green in the fridge) - optional
  • Cranberries - optional, I just happened to have them
  • Crackers
  • Cut the block of cream cheese at a diagonal.
  • Plate pieces together so they form a Christmas tree and smooth the seam.
  • Spread pepper jelly over the top.
  • Cut a star and stump out of the bell pepper.
  • If desired add cranberry garland.
Merry, Merry!

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