Monday, December 1, 2014

Activity Advent Calendar

The first year Hubby and I were married I painstakingly made 25 little cards and 25 little envelopes with 25 different activities for us to do together leading up to Christmas day.  (Sadly, over the years some of them have lost their numbers.)

I have since learned from experience that doesn't quite work for our little family.  I do, however, still make a little modified advent calendar for us to complete together.  We still do a little something together each night (or possibly something big together over the weekend), I just don't assign a specific task for a specific day.  Life just sometimes has different ideas and I enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose what works for us at that given time. 

Hung from our pot rack, because well, why not?
Instead we follow it kind of like our seasonal bucket lists......I print the cards and activities for us to complete together and each day we choose one.  (Or sometimes I choose one as a surprise for Hubby!)  You might notice there are more than 25.  Some get combined for one day's activities.  (Ex: Twinkle drive to enjoy the lights, while drinking hot cocoa with all the fixins.)

This year's activities include:
*Hot Cocoa with all the Fixins *Twinkle Drive to Enjoy the Lights *Celebrate December Birthdays *Mom's Stovetop Potpourri *Santa's Workshop: Wrap, Wrap, Wrap *Eggnog Evening *Light the Advent *Dinner with Christmas Music *Write a Letter to Santa *Smooch under the Mistletoe *Christmas at the Zoo *Elf the Neighbors *Christmas Movie and Popcorn *Order In...and enjoy a night off of cooking *Baking Day *Fireside Picnic *Dinner on the Christmas China *Donate Canned Goods *Set out Shoes for St. Nick *Open One Gift of the Season *Mail a Christmas Card to the Military *Snow Ice Cream *Hubby's Choice for Dinner *Nutcracker *Random Acts of Kindness *Carmel Creations *Decorate the Tree *Lilly House at Christmas *Jingle Rails

And as a double bonus.....I'm repurposing those little envelopes.....only this year I'm leaving Hubby a little love note every morning.

Finally, just a little shout out to Hubby's BFF as today's his BIRTHAY!!!  Happy, Happy!  Wishing you a wonderful year (and wish we were together to celebrate!).

Merry, Merry!

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