Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In My Lunchbox [Asian Inspired Bento]

Stating that a bento box is "Asian inspired" is a little redundant.....please just forgive and pretend you didn't notice ;)!  My very favorite lunch is the bento box from Sakura.  The salmon teriyaki with sushi is like a little bit of heaven.  Pair that with the fact that Daddy was my usual lunch date, and it was perfection.  This week's lunchbox was a inspired by theirs (although not nearly as good and without the wonderful company). 

I picked up a beautiful, large piece of salmon on sale and am using it for the week.  I've been smitten with The Iron You's 10-Minute Soy-Ginger Salmon and decided it would be the perfect addition to this bento.  I simply paired it with steamed edamame and a Japanese cucumber salad.  (For the salad literally all I did was slice thin and dress with rice wine vinegar and the tiniest bit of sugar.  Normally I add sliced onions and sometimes cilantro, this time I didn't.)  With that, the entire week is prepared and ready to go. 
Happy Lunching!

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