Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In My Lunchbox [Tilapia Bento]

This week's bento box is just kind of a compilation of goodies from the fridge and the fact that tilapia was on super sale at Costco.  I'm not complaining though because the end result was yummy goodness.

In my lunchbox this week:
  • tilapia (quickly saute with chef's salt, hit with lemon)
  • sugar snap peas
  • roasted red pepper hummus
  • garlic and herb laughing cow cheese
  • whole wheat crackers
  • apple
Clearly I enjoy lunches that have lots of little bites of things.  As a bonus it makes it super easy to pack a week's worth of lunches in a snap.

For my snack I simply packed a little Greek yogurt in the individual serving size cups.  Costco by far has the best price on Fage, which is my favorite brand. 

Happy Lunching!

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