Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Mart

Friday night I attended the Junior League Holiday Mart with a sweet, new friend.  It had been years since I last attended and I was super excited to spend to get a jump on my Christmas shopping.  (Typically, I'm nearly finished with my shopping, this year I've barely begun.  Whoops!)  It was "Girls Night Out" with a drink coupon and desserts included with your ticket. I had a truly wonderful time laughing and giggling.

If I'm being completely honest, I was a little disappointed with the selection of booths this year.  Over the years it has changed from primarily unique, one of a kind Christmas goodies, to many, many booths of women's clothing.  Now I will say the clothes were still adorable and cute, just not what I happened to be looking for. 

However, the best discovery of the evening, by far, was finding Periwinkle among the many booths.  This favorite little shop closed several months ago, but I was thrilled to discover she is still filling special orders out of her home.  I did pick up a few little goodies from her, but as they are upcoming gifts, can't share just quite yet. 

Unfortunately,  as most of the booths had several "no photos" signs, I wasn't able to capture any good pics to share with you either.  I only leave you with one:

A little magnet that this curly headed French major easily related to :)!

If you need to get a little shopping in, the Holiday Mart goes through today.

Happy Almost Christmas Season!

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