Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday IV

WOO-HOO!!!  It's Friday!!!  Although it is supposed to be freezing this weekend (literally - yesterday the wind chill was 15. FIFTEEN. I mean, it's November, right?) I'm always excited to spend some time with those I love.  Now, let's get down to it....

We had this super delicious salad with friends Sunday.....and I've made it every night since.  Pear, blue cheese, walnuts, and a could you go wrong??

Our tennis team was recognized at the School Board meeting this week.  It's been wonderful being able to celebrate our boys' accomplishment, and this should finally be the last celebration until the ring and banner ceremony later in the year. 
'Tis the season of giving thanks.  These little printables have helped our little family remember all that for which we are grateful.  They serve as a little reminder to pause and take note of all of life's special blessings.  We change are able to change it as often as we like since we just write directly on the glass with a dry erase marker. (And I kinda think they're cute to boot.)

This isn't a very exciting one, but I'm pumped about it!  Lately I've been taking an entirely different
approach to menu planning and it's really working for us!  Instead of planning day by day (which, quite honestly, is my favorite way...I love to just go to the store and see what looks and sounds good) or having a weekly menu with set meals on set days, I simply do a little of both.  I try to shop for a week, taking in to account what might sound good, and what nights are busy.  Then I list the meals with available ingredients on our menu board.  Once we have them, they get marked off.  I find I'm in less of a "I don't feel like cooking because we don't have anything" mood and have fewer nights where I say "Well, were supposed to have (fill in the blank here) tonight, but it just doesn't sound good."  And I don't have the guilt about not using our super cute menu chalkboard.  Ha!

I'm heading to the Junior League Holiday Mart this weekend and am super excited.  Not only do I have an opportunity to hang out with a new friend, I'm looking to get a little jump on the Christmas shopping and finding unique, sweet little gifts.  I haven't been in years.

Don't forget to join Darci, Christina, Natasha, and April and check out the other Five on Friday posts. 

Happy Friday!!

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