Friday, May 16, 2014

What's for Dinner [Paul Prudhomme Grilled Salmon]

Some of my very favorite memories growing up were our family trips to New Orleans.  We'd "stop in" on our way to Florida.  I was immediately smitten with the could you not be??

It was there, during a dinner at K-Paul's, that I discovered my love of Paul Prudhomme.  The food was utterly incredible and there was a large window to the kitchen so that you could see all the action.  These trips were before their expansion, and I remember anxiously waiting outside and the cozy feeling of the charming restaurant once we got in.  On a subsequent visit we were lucky enough to meet him at a festival. He was delightful!  (At that same festival I later two-stepped with a Cajun gentleman -- yet another reason to love New Orleans!!)


Since those first visits to the famous chef's restaurants I've made many of his recipes -- none of which disappoints.  I've also discovered his ready made "Magic" seasonings.  They really are magic.  All are yummy, but my favorite is his Magic Salmon Seasoning.  I purchase the mix locally at Fresh Market, but it can also be purchased on Chef Paul's website and Amazon.

I must admit, this isn't really a recipe.  He takes all the work out of cooking something delicious. Simply sprinkle your piece of salmon with the seasoning mix  and either throw on the grill or in the oven.  If you're feeling really fancy you can add a touch of apple wood to your grill.  I use quite a bit of seasoning on my piece, and a little lighter hand on Hubby's.  Tonight, we had it with roasted asparagus.  Swoon.

Happy Friday!!

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