Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DIY Birdhouse Sculpture

I came across this picture online while on the Anthropologie website and was smitten.  However, with the nearly $500 price-tag I knew it would never be mine.  The wheels started turning and I remembered the bag of unfinished miniature birdhouses I had used for a lovebird themed bridal shower I had hosted.  The bag had been stashed for nearly two years, but I just didn't have the heart to get rid of them.  Using paint and supplies from my stash I immediately got to work.

First I played around with the arrangement trying to figure out how they would best fit together.  I knew that I wanted one with a hanger on the very top of the structure so that I could hang it next to our bird feeders. 

I'm clearly a very scientific person....

Next, using a combination of blue, green, and yellow I planned which colors would go where.  I knew I didn't want all the houses looking the same, nor there to be too much of one color, etc.

More scientific research....

I used a very fancy paper plate paint palette and sponge brushes so that when all was said and done it could just be pitched in the trash.  A cardboard box was fashioned as a drop cloth.

Once the houses were painted and dry I hot glued them together, then sealed with acrylic sealer.

Hubby was more than skeptical during this project, but even he admitted "it turned out kind of cool".

Happy Birding! 

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