Monday, May 19, 2014

In My Lunchbox [Bento Lunch I]

It always seems that I start my week determined to be organized.  I always plan to pack my lunch and make home cooked meals for dinner......then Thursday (or sometimes even Wednesday) hits and that plan goes right out the window.

One of my favorite ways to combat this issue is to simply pack a week's worth of lunches on Sunday.  Then I'm all set.  It takes minimal time, but reaps a big reward.

I found these Ziploc divided boxes which make all of it so easy, as do the silicone cups!  (The fact that I don't like my food to touch may or may not factor into my love of this style of lunch :)!)  I set up an assembly line and do them all at once.  Simple.

This week I packed raspberries or grapes, carrots, hard boiled eggs, a slice of cheese, and pretzel crisps.  I've discovered the pretzel crisps become stale in the box, so I put mine in a snack size baggie and slide it right into the box.

It's all up to you though.  Do you mind eating the same thing everyday for lunch, or do you prefer variety?  I find I don't mind for a week, but I like a little variety from week to week.  It would be just as simple to pack different things for different days, but using the same concept and packing all at once.  (This week I had a few raspberries I wanted to use, but didn't have enough for the entire week, so I only put them in a few boxes.) It really makes things the mornings I just grab and go. 

Happy New Week!

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