Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Month of May

The month of May brings warmer weather, lovely flowers, and hints that summer is just around the corner.  All things I love.  But in Indianapolis in the month of May the focus is one  Indianapolis is the Racing Capital of the World and each Memorial Day Weekend hosts the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.  The Roman Coliseum, Vatican City, Wimbledon Campus, Rose Bowl, Yankee Stadium and Churchill Downs could all fit inside the 2.5-mile oval at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. There isn't an official attendance count for race day, but last year it was estimated that over 400,000 people attended, including yours truly.  It truly is a special place. 
Source: Inside Indiana Business

The Race, Speedway, and many festivities throughout the month are some of my very favorite things about living in Indianapolis.  This year I decided to make a wreath in honor of the 500 mile race.
I started with a Styrofoam wreath form, which I wrapped in black ribbon. (Four stores later I finally found enough ribbon to cover the entire wreath. In fact at one store the sales associate said, "Honey, you're in Indy in May, we're out of just about everything black and white.")  I hot glued the ends to keep them in place.

Next I embellished the wreath with an adorable Indy car patch with checkered flags, Hot Wheels race cars, and a checkered bow.  All were also hot glued.

Once I finally found the ribbon things came together quickly.  I must admit...I'm pretty tickled with it.

Let's Go Racing!!!

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