Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ramblings [A Few of My Favorite Things Edition]

It was such a cold and harsh winter that my new obsession was just about the only things to keep me warm.  I fell in love with Bigelow's Mint Medley Tea and drank it nearly every day.  I'm enjoying another cup today as the temperature here dropped significantly.  I'm wondering if it will be just as good iced when the warmer temps stick around for good. 

I've recently discovered my favorite candle from Bath and Body Works (Fig) has been discontinued.  I guess I'll have to ration out the last little bit while I search for a replacement.  I'm thinking one from Carlyle Avenue.  They're awfully pretty.  The Uptown Acorn first blogged about them, and his taste is impeccable.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at school.  The parents in the PTO volunteer to bring in crock pots filled with delicious soups.  It's so fun and so very generous of them -- one of the teachers' favorite days of the year!

As summer approaches we're busy getting things at the Tennis House ready for our 50th summer!  We have some exciting things planned for the big celebration.  I ordered these darling notebooks from Dixie Delights on Etsy to help keep everything organized and together.  A monogram and a little Lilly always makes me smile!

Speaking of summer, last weekend was absolutely gorgeous!!  Hubby and I got the back porch ready for summer, planted our garden and some flowers, and then relaxed while admiring our handiwork.  I'm hoping to make lounging in the hammock more of a regular occurrence this summer.  We shall see.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my favorite night of the week....Once a week I Greek dance at my church.  I help to teach the children, then dance with the adult group.  I have loved dancing since I was young and am so lucky to be able to continue with it. 

Happy Almost Weekend!

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