Thursday, October 30, 2014

Terra Cotta Warriors

I love my city.  Truly.  I'm reminded often why, usually because of the wonderful people living here, but yesterday I had a unique opportunity to see something special and was reminded again of my love of Indy. 

The Children's Museum is showcasing a special exhibit of the China's Terra Cotta Warriors.  In fact, it is the only place in the country in which you can see them this year.  They are spectacular.  I'm so happy I managed to sneak down to see them before it closes. 

After unifying the different states of China the First Emperor Qin Shihuang began construction on the Great Wall of China, and also the creation of his Terra Cotta Army to protect him in the afterlife.  Nearly 8,000 Warriors, 130 chariots, and over 500 horses were buried in 210-209 BC after his death where they remained for 2,000 years before being discovered in 1974.  We are lucky enough to have some of these artifacts on display. 

It is truly remarkable, but no two faces are the same.  Each soldier has a different face, and the expression in the artwork is remarkable.  They draw you in.

They have discovered 46 bronze birds along the waterway inside the water garden pit.  It is believed that perhaps the Emperor was making a peaceful area for his afterlife. 

If you are in the area and have not yet seen the Emperor's Army, then go!  It's definitely worth a quick trip downtown.  The exhibit closes November 2nd. Details can be found here.

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