Monday, August 3, 2015

In My Lunchbox [Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad]

Last week I shared Shredded BBQ Chicken as "what's for dinner x 2" and as luck would have it, I managed to get lunches out of the same recipe, too!  My kind of recipe...cook once and eat three ways.

With the new school year starting today...yep, you read that right, today....I snagged some new bento boxes from Amazon.  I love that they came in a set of 10.  I'm able to pack lunch and even breakfast, if I choose to, for the entire week.  I know myself well enough to know that if I don't do it on Sunday, it won't get accomplished later in the week.

While I'm happy with these, and the quality is fine for a what I'm using them for, I think next time I'll go with these instead, for no other reason than I like the way the sections are divided a little better.

I also ordered these silicone muffin cups to divide further if needed.  Unfortunately, I didn't read the description very clearly and they're smaller than I anticipated.  Happily, though, they still get the job done.

The only thing that made packing lunch even easier this week, was using part of the shredded BBQ chicken to whip up a little salad.  Couldn't be more simple.....

Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad
Choose from the following as desired:

  • shredded BBQ chicken
  • chopped Romaine lettuce
  • cherry tomatoes, halved
  • corn
  • red peppers, chopped
  • black beans
  • red onion
  • cheddar cheese
  • tortilla strips
  • Fiesta ranch dressing
Mix as desired.

Happy New School Year!

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