Friday, August 28, 2015

Five on Friday [8.27.15]

Woo-hoo!!  It's Friday!!  I'm so excited for this weekend, so let's just get right down to it.

This is one of my favorite weekends of the year...the weekend my church hosts our city's Greek Festival.  So. much. fun.  I'll be performing with the adult dance group Friday and Saturday and working in the bakery on Sunday.  Opa!

Although my role with the team is a little different this year, they're still my boys and they're off to a great start!  Since clearly this weekend isn't chocked full of fun already, I'm helping with our 16 team invitational on Saturday.  It's the first major competition on the road to a hopeful 3-peat state championship.

With the scheduling craziness I decided to meal prep like crazy, and aside from the one time I left my lunch on the kitchen counter it's working beautifully.  I just may be sold on the whole thing!!  The DIY oatmeal packets have been handy as well!

We've been enjoying this apple-cranberry quinoa salad.  We forgot just how yummy it is.

Miss Dixie shared what's always in her kitchen.  I LOVED the idea and shared my own version here.  What's in your kitchen??  P.S. While you're there check out her pictures of The Greenbrier...stunning!

Wishing y'all wonderful weekends!!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I need to start meal planning. I never plan well and then I end up eating cereal and chocolate for dinner.


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