Monday, August 24, 2015

Masterpiece Me!

It was our darling art teacher who had this darling idea for the halls in our school.  I certainly can't take the credit.  But, it's too fun not to share with y'all.  For the start of school (before any of the kiddos produced their own art, as she explained it) she made our own "Museum of Art" filled with classic works of art -- with a twist.

She photographed the teachers in the building and with help from the Masterpiece Me App used those images in works like the Mona Lisa...

American Gothic...

and Cherub from Sistine Madonna...

There are 200 canvases from which to choose.

Our principal and fearless leader.

And yours truly, who requested to be French, as I was secretly (or not so secretly?) wishing to be in a Parisian bistro.

Such a terrific way to get our kiddos interested in classic art in which they may not have had previous interest...and the adults have gotten a kick out of it, too!

Happy Creating!

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