Monday, April 27, 2015

DIY Plant Markers

Although I've been yearning to get our garden going this year, the weather just hasn't been cooperating.  It rained all day Saturday, so instead I decided to tackle a little garden DIY indoors. 

I had jumbo craft sticks left over from the snowflake wreath.  I grabbed those, some paint, the Sharpie oil markers, and went to town.  They are so, so simple.  I painted both sides the same colors as the birdhouses so there would be some sort of cohesiveness and lettered the names of the plants.  (Although it was so bright and sunny yesterday, the colors appear a little different in the photos than in real life.)

The markers really took no 'thyme' at all.  Sorry, just couldn't help it.
Tip: you can print in a font of your choice, place on top of what you are lettering, and lightly trace with a pencil, leaving a mark in the paint if desired.  Being too impatient, I just decided to go for it.

Now, when I'm cooking and ask Hubby to go snip cilantro, he won't come back with oregano.  It doesn't matter what herb I ask for...I always get oregano.....

Happy Crafting!

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