Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday [4.17.15]

It's Friday!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!  Getting right down to it....and I'm kind of all over the place this week...sorry!

Christos Anesti!  Christ is Risen!  Last week I shared the joys of Greek Easter.  Holy Week is one of my very favorite weeks of the year.  It is such a special time full of great love. 

We've been enjoying leftover pastitso and spanakopita all week.  It's awfully nice to have a delicious meal that I don't actually have to cook.
We were so very disappointed to discover that our bees didn't make it through the winter.  However, this week we got a new colony. I'm hoping to share some of the process as (fingers crossed) they get settled in to their new home.
Thursday night was a much needed and incredibly fun girls' night complete with yummy beverages and delicious food!  I'll be sharing more about the restaurant next week, but for now I leave you with our dessert....beignets!  In a word: yum.
Starting bright and early today!  (OR as one of my kiddos said yesterday, dark and early.)  We're heading to Chicago on an extended day field trip!  There are always incredibly fun and am so looking forward to it (and sleeping in tomorrow as they are always exhausting, too)!
Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Illinois
Today I'm linking up with the fabulous Friday ladies. 
As always, be sure to check out all the Friday goodness!

Darci, Christina, Natasha, and April 
Happy Friday!

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  1. That Pastitso looks delicious, and I love spanakopita. I may have to find a recipe for that though!

    Extended day field trips are always fun, but really exhausting! It's fun to visit places students have never been, I always loved to see their reactions. Kind of like visiting Disney for your first time--amazement.


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