Monday, April 20, 2015

Lilly.....for Target

Holy Cow.  I have to admit...I wasn't prepared. 

I tried the online route, but had absolutely no luck.  First I couldn't get on the site at all, then it was 'unavailable', and finally sold out.  (At least the items I was hoping to find.)  I had planned on being at the store a little before they opened, but after seeing lines in pictures that had been posted at 5 am on my Instagram feed thought I better get a move on and check things out.  I only live a few minutes from a store, so headed over to find a few people in line (nothing like other states).  I'm SO glad I did!  I hopped in line just as car after car pulled into the parking lot.
The wait, I have to say was lovely.  Had some delightful chats with the ladies both in front and back of me.  And then.....the doors opened.  Let me tell you, all bets were off.  (Although I do have to qualify this a bit...the people I had chatted with were still delightful, it was the college students people a little further back in line that, well, were not.)  Seeing that I'm NOT a Black Friday shopper, I hadn't really experienced anything quite like this.  People were sprinting, pushing, snatching everything in site....racks full of things, with no regard to the size or what it even was. 
I was able to score some items in the ladies section and then headed to the home department.  Although the ladies weren't pushing or shoving (likely because it was mostly sold out already), one poor shopper turned to find others shopping the items already in her cart. 

At the dressing rooms someone came out to switch out more clothes (six item limit) to discover her entire cart was gone.  SO, I decided to buy a couple items in a couple sizes and return what didn't fit.  I'm NOT selling them on fact, I've already been back to the store, hopefully brightening someone's day!  I'm still hoping I might find a couple things on my wish list that are returned, but for now, I'm thrilled with what I did get....

...The Happy Place scarf (I was hoping for one with pompoms, but am happy - no pun intended), My Fans palazzo pants, Boom Boom dress, and the mugs.  The mugs were a happy accident, as I saw there was only one set left and snagged them for the sweet lady in line behind me, who I knew really wanted them.  She already had a set, so I kept them.  As it's turned out, I LOVE them.  They just my be my favorite purchase. 

 By 8:30 I was back home enjoying a cup of coffee made yummier with my new mugs.  With that, Lilly for Target has come and gone.  Still keeping my fingers crossed that I luck into a couple returned items at the store. (I should luck into some, since I returned some, right :)?)  I'd love to hear how y'all fared!  Were things as crazy where you are? 
Happy Lilly!

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