Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday [The Where's Summer?? Edition]

Woo-hoo!  Happy Friday!  Tonight I'm celebrating with my tennis boys as the school hosts the ring and banner ceremony during halftime of the basketball game in honor of our state title.  Happily it will be followed by a quiet, relaxing weekend probably trying to keep warm.  This weather is for the birds.  Bring on summer....

I shared my obsession love for blue and white this week.  I'm loving the new planter and have decided I need more in my life.  I'll continue the search for a few more pieces.

We finally took Carolina Charm's advice and made a flatbread pizza.  I thought hers looked fabulous, but Hubby had hopes of more cheese, so we modified.  YUM and super, super easy.  Hubby loves Margherita pizza, so that's what we made at this hive.  He gave it the seal of approval and it came together quickly.  Win, win!  (Although next time I think I'll make the veggie one she suggested for me and a Margherita for him....)

We had a wonderful time celebrating my Bestie MHDRL's little's first birthday before they headed home. We made this little backdrop for the festivities. 

Bestie KP and I attended the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's viewing of Casablanca.  In a word: spectacular.  Truly.  I will be on the lookout for their next movie series in hopes of getting Hubby to attend with me. 

The temperatures have been down right frigid, as in  -20 wind chills.  We had a two hour delay both yesterday and today and I took an extra minute or two to make a homemade vanilla latte to keep me warm. (I also make eggnog and pumpkin versions, but am still working on a mocha.)  I had laid off the special treat for a while, but it might need to come back into rotation until it gets warm in good 'ole Indiana.

As usual, I'm linking up with the lovely Friday ladies.  Be sure to check out all the Friday goodness.
Wishing y'all a most wonderful weekend!
Darci, Christina, Natasha, and April 

Happy Friday!!

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