Monday, February 23, 2015

In My Lunchbox [Vegetarian Bento Box]

I originally started to title this post a Lenten Bento Box, but I just couldn't do it, as it includes eggs.  Growing up my family always fasted for Lent. (Although it was not the strict fast like my grandmother and great aunts, where no animal products, fish, oil, eggs, dairy products, or alcohol are allowed.)  Even as an adult before marriage, I was very good about it.  Then came along Hubby, who is not Orthodox, didn't grow up fasting for Lent, and is a meat lover.  It became much harder.  This year, however, I'm determined to be better.  I am reminded of a sweet childhood priest who discussed that the Lenten period is about deciding on what exactly you will do, and sticking to it, which will be my personal approach this year. 

So, all of that to say, I didn't pack any meat in my lunch this week.  (In the coming weeks you will, however, see fish.  I'm not that good.)  This week's bento box includes:  a hardboiled egg, hummus, carrots, mini peppers, and grapefruit.  As usual, I assembled all the boxes on Sunday to be ready for the entire week.  I simply lined them up on the counter, and filled all at once. 

**You might think I'm a week late, but Orthodox Lent actually begins this week, as we use a different calendar.

Happy Organized Lunching!!

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  1. I really should invest in those boxes! I was always so good about packing the girls nutritious lunches when they were in school. But, now I find myself grabbing stuff last minute or eating out with hubby. If I packed them all on Sunday, that would make it so much easier to stay on track.


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