Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine Touches

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Valentine's Day.  To me it's just another excuse to remind people how much you love them, and to tie it all up in hearts and pink.  Believe me when I tell you it doesn't take much to convince me to add a little pink when and where I can. 

Nothing reminds me more of love than our wedding pictures.  I've paired one of my favorites with some DIY candles and a little heart votive.

The next best reminder is a shot from our honeymoon in a festive little frame. 

Last year I stitched up this little French goodie.......

.......and printed off the adorable banner from Pinterest.

The basket was a gift from a few years ago and the festive ribbons decorating my favorite brass candlesticks and the little heart votives are from the dollar bin at Target.

Finally, the dark little corner in the kitchen has been decorated with a Bee Mine printable, another little heart votive, and festive hot pink striped napkins.

 With that Hubby and I are ready for a quiet little dinner (I'm thinking lobster tails from Fresh Thyme) at home by the fire.  What are your plans for Heart Day?

Happy Pink and Hearts!

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