Monday, February 16, 2015

Casablanca with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Yesterday Bestie KP and I attended the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  This performance was a special viewing of Casablanca with the orchestra playing the score.  It was phenomenal, truly. 

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra plays in the Hilbert Circle Theater downtown on Monument Circle.  The theater is stunningly beautiful and only added to the ambience of the experience. 

Hilbert Circle Theater

Hilbert Circle Theater

The movie played on the big screen over the orchestra.....and I have a confession....I had never seen the movie in its entirety.  As if it isn't spectacular on its own, it was completely entrancing with the orchestra playing. 

Apparently, the ISO performs along with movies a few times a year.  I will definitely be looking to go again in the future.  (Especially since I'm hoping it will be a way to get Hubby to go, too!)  The word on the street is that performances like this are done all around the country. I would, without hesitation, recommend you finding one near you!

Happiness in the Arts!

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