Monday, June 1, 2015

On My Bookshelf [Danger in Plain Sight]

During a girls' night recently my sweet friends shared the books they've enjoyed lately and Danger in Plain Sight caught my attention.  I've read an Amish mystery series before that I really enjoyed, so I thought this would be no different.  I have to say, although I did enjoy this book, I wish I had known it was a series before I started this particular book.  If I had, I would have started with the first book. That being said, it's still the type of book you can read without having read the others. 


Amazon says:
Libby Morgan never wanted to return to Lancaster County. She'd made her own life in the city as a news photographer, leaving the slow pace of Amish country behind. She'd left love behind, too, when she fled the old-fashioned ways of Adam Byler. But when a friend in trouble beckons, Libby knows she has no choice. What she doesn't know is that something sinister awaits her….

For Adam Byler, the traditional ways convey safety and order. As police chief of Springville, the former marine strives to keep the peace between the Amish and their modern "Englischer" neighbors—and he will not allow Libby's beauty to distract him from his duties. But when an innocent woman is attacked, they'll confront a danger more threatening than their growing passion.

I'm always curious to know what's on your bookshelf!!

Happy Reading!

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