Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday [The Rest and Relax Edition]

Happy Friday!  No nonsense today, let's just get right down to it.....

It's been a crazy week at the hive, complete with a trip to the ER one evening (everything, thankfully, is fine) and a different romantic evening of snaking the kitchen drain.  Ugh.  So happy that it's Friday.  The doc says it's time to rest, relax, and de-stress, so hoping to accomplish that this weekend!

Now, I know it's doesn't sound like rest, relax, and de-stress, but I've recently started calling my to-do list "The Plan of Attack".  Actually, just making the list is kind of helps to make it feel less overwhelming if there's a plan.....(I know, I know this one looks simple and's the one from work that's not.)

I've been binge reading lately and just finished The Dead Will Tell.

The Dead Will Tell
Yesterday evening Hubby and I laid in the hammock and listened to the birds.  I received the sweetest little birdhouse for my birthday.....

.....and now there are the sweetest little baby birds inside. 

Tonight we're having a picnic on the boat, an item from our Summer Bucket List. Hoping to have all our troubles float away as we spend sometime on the boat this weekend.......

.....and sneak in lots of snuggles with this guy.....

Hope y'all have wonderful weekends and that you get to rest and relax, too!!!


Happy Friday!

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