Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What's for Dinner [Mustard Roasted Fish]

I've been fortunate enough to have had some really amazing meals in my life.  The Bakery in Chicago was probably the first truly incredible meal I remember. There was the Brazilian Steakhouse in New York (an experience on top of yummy food), Wolfgang Puck's in LA, and the most divine rabbit in mustard sauce in a kitchen in Paris.  It was no surprise that I loved the rabbit, my Daddy makes the most delicious rabbit stifado (stew), but it was the mustard sauce......I was smitten.  I even ate all the peas that were served with it, doused in the same sauce.  (If you know me in RL I don't eat peas.) I've been searching for a mustard sauce like that ever since.  I've tried numerous recipes and knew immediately when Dixie Delights posted Mustard Roasted Fish that this would be on the menu immediately.

The thing is, I've always turned my nose up at recipes that included crème fraiche or sour cream, because I'm sure the lovely Parisian told me she used cream.  However, one bite of this sauce, and I've decided she used both....sneaky, eh?  I will be fiddling around with this combination in my own kitchen, in search of that elusive sauce, but for now am feasting on the yummy version Dixie (a la Ina) has generously shared with us.  Really, it's good!! 

*Note: Dixie Delights mentioned there was extra sauce.  I was generous in spooning it over the fish, but reserved the left over sauce in the crème fraiche container in the fridge to pull out later in the week.  Will let you know how it turns out! Also, I used tilapia in place of snapper. 

Happy Cooking!

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