Thursday, March 26, 2015

Forty before Forty [Did I really just write that??]

Before I start, I have to preface this post with a confession....I'm shamelessly stealing this concept from Dixie Delights.  It was just too good of an idea not to.  She recently posted her plan, and since my birthday was coming up and a BIG birthday coming in two years, knew immediately I wanted to do a list of my own.

I've been incredibly fortunate in life.  I have an incredible hubby and family, wonderful friends, work I love, and have been lucky enough to have traveled quite a bit.  This isn't a "mid-life crisis" (as a friend so eloquently asked) by any means.  (I mean, it can't be one, because 40's not mid-life....right???)  It's simply just an excuse to do some fun things!  Since today is my birthday, I'm giving myself exactly two years to complete.  So without any further ado, in no particular order, here's my list:

Forty before Forty
1. Learn to sew
2. The 500 Mini Marathon (I don't have to run it, just not get picked up by the "too slow stragglers" bus. I mean, I'm being realistic here.  HA.)
3.  Paddleboard
4.  Master Stick Shift  (I could get us to the hospital in case of an emergency, but it wouldn't be pretty.)
5.  Read Victor Hugo in French
6.  Hot Air Balloon Ride
7.  Find a perfect lipstick
8.  Canoe down the White River
9.  Write a letter to five people who've impacted me
10.  Volunteer to read Gospel in French for Agape Service (Easter Day Service)
11.  Take Hubby West of the Mississippi
12.  Visit a state I've not yet visited
13.  Make wine
14.  Start a Family Tree
15.  Finish Family Cookbook
16.  Get a massage -- did it once and loved it, continue to chicken out since then.
17.  Whitaker Point
18.  Plan and execute a girls' excursion
19.  Private (sorry -- a girl's gotta have some secrets)
20.  Weekly Family Dinner (with at least one member of my immediate family)
21.  Weekend Getaway with Hubby
22.  Facial - have never had one
23.  Fly a Kite
24.  Vera Bradley Sale in Fort Wayne
25.  Greek Independence Day Parade in Chicago
26.  Private (sorry)
27.  Explore the gardens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
28.  Complete Hubby's Passport to Indy (more on that later)
29.  Take a lap in an Indy car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (yikes!)
30.  Chocolate Tour of Nashville
31.  Learn how to make Pop's fried chicken
32.  Make galaktoboureko (How have I only done this once?? It's my favorite and I've watched millions of times!!)
33.  Shop the antique trail
34.  Covered Bridge Festival (This one might be a little hard to convince Hubby)
35.  Visit St John Chrysostomos Monastery in Wisconsin
36.  A fall day in Brown County, complete with a picnic
37.  Throw Hubby a big 35th party -- whether he wants it or not ;)
38.  A Beach Vacation!!!
39.  Host a Backyard Lamb Roast

I've purposely left the last slot blank.  First of all, something just might come up in the next two years that I really want to do.  (I know, I know, it sounds like I'm taking the easy way out.)  BUT, it also serves as a reminder that I really do need to be a little more spontaneous in life.  I often sometimes get bogged down in making plans instead of enjoying what's going on right now.  So, here's to the next two years!

Happy, Happy!

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