Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Spot

Last week the incredibly talented Amanda from Dixie Delights shared her spot.  Every inch of her home is gorgeous, and she never overlooks a lovely detail.  She has asked her readers to send in pictures of their spots and it got me thinking.  Our home is not "finished" and probably never will be, always evolving. Every year around this time (after spending so much time indoors) I decide I'm sick of everything and begin dreaming of how I'd really like it to be.  So, I'm going to share my spot, and what I'd like my spot to really be.....

Winter mornings love to include a Bloody Mary, the Sunday paper,
and a view of Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood....

Typically I sit in my spot first thing in the morning.  I sip my coffee, relish in the quiet, and watch the pink sky of the sunrise.  One of the things I love most is being perched next to the window where I can not only see the sunrises, but also the comings and goings of our sweet little neighborhood. 

Evenings have a little different glow, but are just as cozy nonetheless....
I love that my spot is big enough for two (more on that later) and that our sweet pup Stan has no problem snuggling in with me.  I love that it faces our fireplace for the cold evenings of winter, where I'm known to hunker down with a good book (and perhaps an adult beverage).  Finally, I love the pointer pillow and my newest project, the needlepoint monogrammed pillow.  I've been stitching away trying to get it finished in time, but my fingers couldn't fly any faster.  Just pretend for now that it is complete, and I promise to update once it actually is.

Brother #1 rescued the pointer pillow for me, restuffing and sewing some damaged spots for me.
 So lucky to have such a talented bro!
Now, things I'd love to change.  I've been on the hunt for a little side table for quite some time.  I have a vision of exactly what I'd like, but just can't seem to find it, especially at a price point I'm willing to pay.  It would look something like this, or something like this with a scalloped edge.

American Queen Anne Antique Table Candle Stand, Cherry, prob. CT c. 1790-1810
While I'm at it, I should mention that I don't, in fact, love the size of this chair.  It's far too big.  (I try to focus on the fact that I love that Stan and I can snuggle...)  My darling Hubby went to pick up the couch and chair on his own after we had selected it together.  When I arrived home, this is what I found.  Long story short, he was talked into super sizing it (and was charmingly tickled with hard to get upset).  We won't have it forever, in fact, they will probably be replaced sooner rather than later.  Hopefully with something like this:
Eton Club Chair & Ottoman
Ballard Designs
For now, however, I'm simply enjoying my time in my little spot.  When the weather warms and the garden starts to bloom, I'll share that spot, too. 
Happy Decorating!

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  1. Love your spot! So cozy and I like your updated ideas for the space as well!!


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