Thursday, January 15, 2015

15 Minutes a Day

Fifteen minutes a day.  That's all it's been taking for me to get a little lot more organized in 2015.  The thought of reorganizing the entire kitchen and pantry all at once was a little daunting.  Setting aside 15 minutes a day (typically while dinner is cooking) is much more doable.  I literally set a time are attack one drawer, one cabinet, one shelf at a time.  Things are coming together in our little hive and it's feeling great. 

I've debated and debated about posting the pictures to follow, but then you wouldn't be able to see that the 15 minute approach really is working.  Pretty, pretty please don't judge.  Just look at the after ones.  Ha, ha!  Something desperately needed to be done, that's for sure!



Next up, the kitchen cabinets and drawers....which are certainly nothing like this, but also could use a quick, little pick me up.  After that will be the bathroom closet, the coat closet, etc. until the house is complete....hopefully before 2016 rolls around.  Ha!!

Happy Organizing!

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