Friday, August 1, 2014

Tennis, Anyone?

Our door has been bare since the patriotic decorations came down after the fourth.  Finally, a plan was made and Hubby even agreed to help.

Several months back I saw this pin on Pinterest and knew eventually I would make a tennis version.  I thought of many methods (hot glue mainly) but eventually decided upon drilling a small hole in each of the balls (enter Hubby).  Hubby may or may not have grazed his finger with the drill.  He's fine, but loves to say his blood, sweat, and tears went in to this project -- dramatic.

While Hubby drilled away I found a wire coat hanger, untwisted the top, and tried to bend it in to a circle the best I could.  I simply strung the balls onto the hanger, twisted the top back together and added a bow.

I have a little something up my sleeve to add when it the high school tennis season starts, but until then, I'm happy just the way it is!

Happy Tennis Love!

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