Monday, August 11, 2014

In My Lunchbox [Salmon Bento]

This week's Bento Box is simple....grilled salmon, blueberries, sautéed mushrooms and squash, and cherry tomatoes from the garden. 

Not much to tell here.  I got a nice piece of salmon from Costco, which Hubby grilled up at the same time as he made dinner.  Then I just portioned into pieces for lunch and breakfast.  (Yes, my very favorite breakfast is leftovers, and I love breakfast for dinner...what can I say?)  The veggies, with the exception of the mushrooms, are from the garden.  I used the same method as the other bento boxes, and packed the entire week at once. 

This week's snacks are blueberries and strawberries with a half a string cheese.  (Except for Friday, but we have payday treats, so the snack will likely be moot anyway.) The colors are so happy!

Happy New Week!

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