Sunday, August 10, 2014

Big Bend National Park, West Texas

Last March I took a little trip out West.  Bestie MHDRL delivered the most adorable, sweet, perfect little boy and I simply had to meet him.  It was a spectacular, wonderful, heartwarming week. 

The Happy Little Hive didn't exist back then or I would have posted a little something about the trip then, but I am today instead in honor of Bestie MHDRL's BIRTHDAY!!!  She's the most loving, giving friend, and I'm beyond grateful to have her in my life.  (Love you, Sis!!)

It was a trek to get there....think trains, planes, and automobiles.....literally.  I first flew into to El Paso (connecting in Dallas) where I then caught a train to Alpine (roughly 100 miles from the park), where Bestie's Hubs was kind enough to picked me up.  It. is. is amazing. 

The park truly is spectacular.  The views are breathtaking......

.....the diverse wildlife is prevalent..... is the flora (at least it was when I was there,
before the extreme heat hit).....

.....and I can't even begin to describe the beauty of the stars.  Big Bend is an International Dark Sky Park, and in fact was featured
just this morning on Sunday Morning. 
(How clever of them to air the clip on Bestie's B-day!!)
Source (I was too much in awe to capture myself.)
Without question, however, the very best part of the trip was the company.  Bestie MHDRL, her hubs, and her handsome son were incredible hosts.  It was amazing to see Bestie as a mom and to be able to spend time with them as a family.  It was a trip of a many happy memories.
Happy Birthday, Sis!!!

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