Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sip and Shop Sunday [Happy Bee Day!]

In honor of National Bee Day yesterday today's Sip and Shop will feature all things of our beloved honey bees!  I explained my affinity for bees here, but since then we've encountered a bit of a problem, as Hubby has developed a severe allergy to them (as in we've made a couple trips to the ER).  Althouh we're still trying to decide exactly what to do, it doesn't dampen our love for them!

So today we're sipping honey lattes....(more to come on that later this week!)....

....and shopping all things bee....

Sam Edelman

Williams Sonoma

Honey Pot

Cosmetic Pouch

It's not just about the adorablness though.  The plight of the bee is troubled.  Beekeepers worldwide are struggling with sudden mass losses of hives. We've lost a few ourselves.  This image is a striking reality check for a potential life without bees.

Image result for our grocery without bees

There are somethings all of us can do to help.  Try to embrace the weeds and refrain from using chemicals and pesticides, and plant a bee garden (more info here).  Just remember....the bees are our friends :).

Happy Bee Day!

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