Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Five [3.18.16]

Happy Friday!!  I think we've finally broken into Spring around these parts and we're just loving it!  We broke out the grill, have taken walks around the neighborhood, and are dreaming of the garden.  My beloved Hoosiers won last night,too!! But for now, here's this week's five....

The Williams-Sonoma catalog arrived and with it the most darling bee items.  So very cute. So smitten with these plates, flatware, and beehive cake pan.


Speaking of our love for bees, we were completely crushed to discover our bees didn't make it through the winter.  Again.  They were very active a couple weeks ago, yesterday the hive was empty. It's such a scary thought that our bees are in so much trouble.  I came across this photo from Whole Foods that tells the story.

Hubby loved Costco's margherita pizza, but it seems that they no longer carry it.  We decided to whip up one of our own using their plain cheese pizza.  It couldn't have been easier and allowed me to put pepperoni, but no tomatoes, on my half.  We'll definitely do it again in the future!

As I mentioned, we broke out the grill and threw on some teriyaki chicken thighs.  The picture's not so great, but I promise they're yummy.

This week I discovered the Cartwheel App.  How have I not known about this before now?????  Just in case y'all don't know either it's the Target coupon app.  I saved nine bucks the first time out!  The sweet high schooler cashier explained it to me like I was an 80 year old lady though...which made me feel even older than that.  Ugh.

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Happy Friday!!!


  1. Hi Melissa... it's my first visit to your blog but not my last. It is darling!! Love the bee cake. WS is the best. My #2 daughter spends many hours at Whole Foods. When she comes home for college breaks she wants to go there for lunch every day. Love Chicken Terriyaki - yours looks delish. Have a wonderful Sunday!!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Whole Foods is awfully yummy for lunch! Their salad bar is terrific!

  2. That's so sad about your bees! :( We have been grilling like crazy the past few weekends because it has been so long. It is awesome! Hope your weekend has been good!

  3. I love grill season...aka Spring! We tend to eat healthier & less dishes; it's a win, win! Your teriyaki chicken looks great! I'll have to check it out! Have a great week!

  4. I'm so excited to see the Hoosiers playing so well right now!! I'll be thrilled if they keep it up and so will my bracket :) I've been hearing a lot about the bee issues lately and it's scary to think they're in so much trouble. Good for you for having a hive. Grilling season is my favorite because that means my hubby takes care of the meat and I do the sides. Definitely makes dinner prep a lot easier!

  5. Visiting you back from the linkup...that pizza looks delish! I love the Cartwheel's like icing on the cake for me. I'm a pretty serious bargain shopper/couponer, but I love waiting until the end of my shopping trip to pull my cart over in a deserted aisle and scan all the items in my cart. It's so fun to see all the surprise discounts! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort


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