Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Five [3.25.16]

Happy Friday!! Spring Break starts tomorrow and I can hardly wait!!  So, let's just get right down to it....

Wishing all of you that are celebrating this weekend a blessed Good Friday and Easter weekend.  As I've mentioned before I'm Orthodox.  Since we use a different calendar our Easter isn't until May this year.  I've been trying to decide if I should still put up decorations this year...Usually they are a bit closer and it's not quite as noticeable.  I'm sure the neighbors will think I've truly lost it this year....

Today is Greek Independence Day!  Every year I flash back to many a Greek School plays in which I reenacted jumping off the side of the stage mountain, baby in hand, as opposed to being captured by the Turks.  Zhto e Ellada! (Find my Greek recipes here for your own celebration.)

A Greek presidential guard hoists the Greek flag in front of the Parthenon temple at the Acropolis hill in Athens October 3, 2010. Greece's presidential guard hoists the national flag on the Acropolis hill every Sunday. REUTERS/John Kolesidis

Yesterday we were working on similes in class.  The kiddos had to write an original one of their own.  Check out this little gem.....

.....yep, apparently I'm as old as Yoda. I was already slightly grumpy about my upcoming b-day (and feeling really old). This may have sent me over the edge.

In honor of Greek Independence Day and my birthday (tomorrow) Hubby is taking me to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.  So. excited.  The first may or may not have been an accurate depiction of me and my non-Greek Hubby.

My Hoosiers play in the Sweet 16 tonight!  Unfortunately tip off isn't until 9:57.  I'm hoping this old as Yoda girl doesn't fall asleep...

Wishing y'all terrific weekends!! Today I'm linking up with:

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Ok, I'm not laughing...but I'm laughing. That 'old as yoda' comment is hilarious! You're not old and it's all about perspectives!

    Have a great Easter!


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