Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tell Me About Yourself

I saw this post on the darling Miss Dixie's blog and thought it would be fun to do one of my own.  Be sure to stop and check out her responses, too!  The wallpaper she shared is to die for!

At the top of your wishlist right now: For the house I've been eyeing these Ikat curtains pinned from Southern Living.  I'm longing to recreate the look in our living room.  For myself, this darling Lilly dress and these Jack Rogers are on the list at the moment.

Custom Curtains:

Blog (s) you're loving lately: I adore the talented Dixie Delights  and have just discovered French Bliss Me.  If I'm being completely honest, I might just be a little jealous of her adventures in France.

 Favorite thing about spring: What is there to not simply love???  It's my very favorite season.  There's something special about the blooming flowers and everything turning green again.  I suppose it doesn't hurt that my birthday and Easter are a part of this beautiful time of year.

The next trip you're taking: Hmm...this is a tough one as we don't have any firm plans at the moment.  A dear friend is getting married in Nashville soon, so I suppose that will be up next.

TV show you can't stop watching: I've mentioned it before but we recently got into How to Get Away with Murder and The Man in the High Castle (Amazon).  I'm also completely addicted to Fixer Upper.  They are just too cute and I love their style!

I would love to know your answers, too!  Please let me know if you decide to do a post of your own, or answer in the comments.

To copy and paste, if you'd like:

At the top of your wishlist right now:

Blog(s) you’re loving lately:

Favorite thing about spring:

The next trip you’re taking:

TV show you can’t stop watching:

Happy Getting to Know You!


  1. Love those drapes, you couldn't possibly get tired of them! I've always wanted to take a trip to Nashville, it seems so fun! Thanks for letting me know you did the questionnaire too! :)

  2. This looks like a fun post idea! My husband and I are dying to go to Nashville! I love those drapes from Southern Living! I'm currently on the lookout for some, too.


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