Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rocksbox Jewelry

I've been coveting the Kendra Scott tassel necklace for a while now, but just never could pull the trigger on purchasing one.  So, when I had the opportunity to try Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Box for a month, I jumped on it hoping I would receive one of her necklaces in my box.   The premise is's how it works:

* Take a quick survey and fill out a wish list.
* Receive three items chosen for you in the most darling little box.
* Wear the pieces as much as you'd like!!
* Once you're ready, package the items back up and ship back (for free).
* Receive your new box and start the process all over many times as you would like!! It's unlimited!

The sweet folks at Rocksbox have offered your first month free! Try out the service for absolutely nothing!  Just enter the code MELISSAFBFF1 at checkout for your free month trial! 

My first box included two necklaces (including the Kendra Scott -  yay!!!) and a bracelet.  (Believe it or not, my ears aren't pierced, which I simply marked on my survey, so no earrings for me...although they have a great selection.)

I've worn the heck out of the Kendra Scott necklace and would likely be keeping it for myself if it were gold.

I've also enjoyed gold disc necklace.

Unfortunately, the bracelet just wasn't me, but I've included that in my feedback in hopes of receiving another "dud" in the future.
I'm adding a few more items to wishlist, too.


A few notes:

* All pieces are designer and each box averages a $200 value.
* You can purchase any piece of your box at an "insider" rate.  Each month $10 of your subscription fee can be used towards purchases.
* Take time to compile a wishlist!  I love that I can choose things that are just outside my comfort zone, without actually having to commit to them.  Having the opportunity to wear them as much as I'd like allows me to try new things!
* Swap jewelry an unlimited number of times per month, with shipping both ways included.
* Use the code MELISSAFBFF1 for a free month subscription to Rocksbox!

If you sign up, please let me know the pieces on your wishlist!

Happy "Shopping"!

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