Monday, February 22, 2016

Making the Gym Cute

Today's post might seem a bit out of character, but in honor of National Sports and Fitness Day today and in light of the fact that Hubby and I joined a new gym over the weekend, I thought I'd share a few ideas for making the gym a little bit cuter....not that I look cute by any stretch of the face gets red (we're talking red red, as in people ask if I'm ok....), my hair gets frizzy....It's lovely.  But, I digress.

Bestie KP and I joined the Aqua Boxing group and are absolutely loving it!  So. much. fun!!  I've been looking at some cute options for a gym bag.  Although the one I have now is perfectly functional, which, of course, according to Hubby is all that is necessary, I keep telling him a cute one would make going to the gym just that much more enticing.  I'm not sure he's buying it, but I'm narrowing down options for my reward if I meet my attendance goal for this month.

The stripes on this pink Vera Bradley are simply adorable!!


 But the traditional duffle is a classic, too.


I love the flexibility of Le Sport Sac.  I have a few bags and purses and love that I can toss them straight into the washer. The hearts on this crossbody are too cute and the bag seems to be the perfect size.


Their train cases and make-up pouches caught my eye, too.


Finally, I do love a Lands End tote. (In fact Hubby even pointed out I already have several...Ha!)  They offer such a wide selection of colors and, of course, can be monogrammed.

 I'm too superstitious to share the front runner.  Stay tuned...I'll show you next month once I've met my goal :).  Do y'all have any recommendations for making the gym cuter?  I'd love to hear it!

Happy Working Out and Happy Shopping!
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