Thursday, October 15, 2015

Market District

If y'all are in the Indianapolis area you need to scoot on over and check out the grocery "experience" that is Market District.  It opened last week and has been absolutely hopping ever since.  Daddy went over the weekend and told me about some deals that just can't be beat.  I had no idea what I was really getting myself into....this place is enormous.  Although I'm not sure I will make this my everyday grocery....seeing that I don't usually go North of 106th, this is out of "my box"....but I will definitely be checking the weekly ad and will head there for specialty items.

Don't worry if you have to park too far away....the valet service will scoop you up.

 The marvelous (and gargantuan) produce section greets you when you first enter.  I was impressed with the wide selection of produce they had -- including lovely dandelion greens which promptly made their way into my cart.

Next is the make your own meal and prepared foods section.  This would be perfect for those nights you just don't want to cook.  You can even pick out your own ingredients and someone will whip up a dish for you.  Or if that doesn't even sound good, you can dine at the in-house restaurant.

Next onto the seafood department.  The picture just doesn't do it justice as it wraps all the way around the other side.  I picked up some salmon, but have my eyes on the snapper and octopus next time.

And clearly I was too busy sampling from the cheese and charcuterie section to snap a quick pic, but I assure you the French girl in me was truly in heaven.  I managed to avoid the bakery, although certainly tempting....

.....and every child would swoon over the Sweet Shop and "Ice Cream Parlor".  

The beer and wine section was kin to a liquor store and wine cellar within the grocery....and they carry my favorite inexpensive bourbon, which can't be found anywhere in town.

 What really shocked me though (I mean I was really just expecting a simple grocery store, not all this) was the dry cleaners, the beauty bar (facial anyone?) and the upstairs cooking school.  I mean I could  tell Hubby that I was going to the grocery, but really hit up the spa....

 As I said, I'm unsure yet if this will become my go-to grocery.  I'm intrigued to see how the prices compare when the grand opening deals end.  But it's definitely worth a trip to check it all out! 

Happy Shopping!

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