Thursday, October 15, 2015

Friday Five [10.16.15]

Happy Friday!!  It's been such a gorgeous week!  The leaves are turning and the weather is crisp in the morning, but warm in the afternoon.  Perfection.  Here's hoping the weekend is, too!  Now for this week's five:

My boys are playing in the first round of the State Finals this afternoon.  We'll have to win three tough matches to win it all, but I'm hoping that's a good number, seeing we're going for a 3-peat!

We've been enjoying this pumpkin dip all week.  Delicious!

A new grocery opened in my town last week.  I found some great deals, they have everything you can think of, and I can even get a facial.  Crazy.

Our sweet, sweet friend gifted us this gorgeous orchid.  It's stunning and is, without question, bringing some much needed cheer to our little hive. 

And my sweet brother dropped in to surprise me with the gorgeous mum!  Two special treats!

We've had an awful lot of ups and downs the last few months.  We are on an upswing the last few days and I pray that only continues.  Any prayers you care to say for my sweet Hubby would be greatly, greatly appreciated. 

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Happy Friday!!


  1. Praying your team did well!! Will continue to pray for your sweet hubby. Sorry I've been MIA...just trying to get things done around here without distractions. Love the sound of that new grocery store!!

    1. Thank you, Sweet Friend! We truly appreciate your prayers. I've missed you, but understand! Life gets busy!! Hope all is well with you and yours!


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